Get direct access to Holly and work together in person, or online, to create your own customized, personal program to achieve your health goals. 


Personalized programs include: ‘



Nutritional Advice

Rest and Recovery 

Goal Setting  


You will meet with Holly weekly to design your plan, assess progress, and transform your life with lasting healthy habits and a winning mindset.  



$999 for the 4-week program 





“I am glad I made the decision to jump into my first LIFTED4W , it was a great experience! A sense of community where ALL are welcome is the best and shortest way I can describe it! Holly’s “way” is motivating , inspiring , and we are all in this together/no one is perfect vibe!”


-Shanna Fried   


“I would recommend Holly to any and everyone! She is truly inspiring! She was able to take me, an absolute beginner, transform me into someone that actually feels confident in my ability to maintain my workouts. Even better, I know that she is confident in me as well!! I also feel that she would be able to take someone with plenty of workout experience and lift their practice to new levels. She has changed my life for the better, and I will forever be grateful!”




“I entered the program in hopes to gain an understanding and a grasp on my nutrition. I walked away (will continue on) with so much more! Holly’s passion and knowledge of the human body and overall fitness will bring out your inner bad ass with more strength, better self awareness, and overall happiness. She will take you to the edge but never let you fall. You have the support of others in the program making a community built with trust. I am so grateful I stepped outside my comfort zone and welcomed Holly~ the powerhouse filled with good vibes to train me.”


-Amber Laign 


“I have always tried to be mindful of my health and exercise as much as I can, but as we all know life gets in the way and in truth, it was actually last on the long list of things I had to do.  Taking part in the Lifted program has given me an awesome workout group of friends where I don’t feel awkward and frustrated when there are things I can’t do, somebody that I can go to and ask questions of and it has invigorated my workout because I now have exercise plans that I can follow on my own at home or at the gym.  It has made me more mindful and accountable to myself for my eating and while I still find the meditation to be the most challenging piece for me, it is also helping to keep me relaxed while I try to find a new job. Physically, I’m pretty sure I have lost weight (I don’t weigh myself) because everything fits better and I think I look better when I see myself in the mirror.  But I think the biggest takeaway of all is I actually feel like I deserve to do this for myself.”